My Résumé



Goal of First Career: corporate position on Wall Street

  • Columbia University (New York): School of Law (JD, 1982); Graduate School of Business (MBA, 1983); College (B.A., Political Science, 1979)
  • Prior undergraduate study in humanities (1973-1977)

Goal of Second Career: position as college professor

  • University of Michigan (Ann Arbor): School of Social Work (MSW, 2010)
  • Indiana University: PhD studies, double major in social work (Indianapolis) and parks & recreation (Bloomington)
  • University of Arkansas: PhD studies, educational statistics and research methods


First Career: Paths Taken

  • Corporate Attorney: Gaston Snow Beekman & Bogue (14 Wall Street, NYC) and McCarter & English (Newark, NJ) (1982-1985)
  • Financial Analyst & Firm Management Consultant: Bachelder Law Offices (780 Third Ave., NYC) (1987-1989)

Second Career: Paths Taken

  • Instructor: University of Arkansas (2012): statistics in nursing
  • Writer: peer-reviewed academic journal articles in social work, recreation, and law; published and unpublished books
  • Group leader: University of Missouri ropes course (2003-2004)

Other Credentials

  • Admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey
  • GRE (2011): 99th percentile (170) verbal; 82nd percentile (159) math. (In the previous try, under the old grading system, I studied harder on the math and got a 780 out of 800.)
  • Won competitive elections to Columbia Law Student Senate each year
  • Have organized many other social and civic groups and activities
  • Experienced in outdoor activities and wilderness camping

For further elaboration, please see my list of sample writings and my mini-autobiography.


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