My Blogs and Websites


This list contains one or two entries for each blog.  The main entry takes you to the blog’s home page.  The archives link, when available, takes you to the list of items posted in that blog. Note: the Samples link (above) leads to a list of my best, most-read, and/or most-referred posts.

Sociopolitical Issues

Leisure – The Purpose of Life
Treating life like it’s not supposed to be a constant grind

The American System and Its Discontents
Comments on law, economics, business, and government

Social Work Education & Practice

A Social Work Education
Experiences while training to be a social worker

On Behalf of Men
Contrarian perspectives on the sexes

Social Work Interventions
Materials related to social work practice

Education Generally

Improving Higher Education
From my years as a PhD student

My Nontraditional PhD at Indiana University
Weird experiences in a mixed-up place

Science & Technology

Ray Woodcock’s Latest
Many detailed posts on computers and other tech issues

Ray Woodcock’s Latest (2007-2012) (archives)
Earlier computer-related posts, before switching to WordPress

Ray Woodcock’s Clippings (archives)
Excerpts (mostly from science articles) that caught my eye

Other Topics

God, Spirituality, the Supernatural, and All That
Attempts to think about big questions

Grief, Pain, and Fear Never Killed Anybody
(not true)

Ideas, Predictions, and Advice
Includes poems and other creative miscellany

Running Blog
Notes from an aging runner

General-Purpose Autobiography

About Ray Woodcock (this blog)
Various links and pieces of biographical information

Assorted videos on personal and public topics and experiences

A bunch of my published manuscripts and other papers


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